We need your help !

Sled dogs in trouble

Our huskies are in danger, because offering guided husky tours has something about casino at this time.

Hello dog friends ! We would like to give you a short insight, to show how our sled dog

existence is endangered by Covid 19 measures in the future.

We, Jutta and Ingo are currently running a husky farm in central Sweden.

Helags Husky is the name of this farm,

we offer sled dog tours in ecotourism for individuals in full board.

This is gentle nature tourism in

its purest form.

For years our niche tourism is mostly

booked out.

Our exit from the tourism business would be planned in three years du to our age. Since thirty years we attach importance to fair handling with our dogs. Among other things, this means that our old sled dogs have the right to their retirement life.

At the moment there are still 19 sled dogs living on our husky farm.

One third of them are pensioners, another third are of no longer employable age.

The last third is young enough and would have to be given to interested mushers in case of emergency. We would like to prevent this! - This is our starting position. -

Covid 19 - season 2019/20 :

The travel warning to Sweden by the German Foreign Office was the reason why we were affected by restrictions on our tours in March. Early cancellation of vacations, flight changes etc. were the side-effects.

We were lucky that the travel ban and the lockdown

in Germany have not hit us before. Unfortunately, two bookings were cancelled and therefore we were not able to put the necessary savings aside and are already financial weakened

for the coming season.

Covid 19 - season 2020/21 :

What can we expect ?

The booking market of our agencies is currently collapsing. But we are already well booked with private bookings.

So we could get through the season.

Since the new travel law reform,

we as tour operators bear the risk that bookings cannot be made if there

will be travel stops or warnings

and flight cancellations.

Since we work transnationally, the uncertainties of coming Covid 19 measurements of the respective state national governments are doubled.

Also a uniform Europe-wide travel / tourism strategy is missing in Covid 19 times. In addition, large tour operators are currently making self-promotion unaffordable for small businesses. Unfortunately we fall, like many small businesses and self-employed people, from the package of Covid 19 support.

Helags Husky is not TUI or Lufthansa.But our dogs have to eat all around the year

and cannot be placed anywhere.

We are therefore sceptical and are prepare Helag's Husky for anything between a total loss of the 2021 season and poor numbers of booking.

And there it is ;

the travel warning from the German Foreign Office.

This never means something good for us.

Sweden: Travel and safety advice :Warned against unnecessary tourist travel to the regions of Stockholm, Uppsala, Örebro, Jämtland, Jönköping and Östergötland

due to high infection rates.

Denmark: Travel and safety advice : Germany is classified by the Danish authorities as an epidemiologically "unsafe" country.Entry for tourist purposes by persons residing in Germany

is no longer allowed.


This is the end of the autumn season

and it would be unbearable for us,

if we would lose our dogs due

to these circumstances.

It is very uncomfortable for us, but :

We ask you to support our huskies

in this difficult situation.

Our feed costs are usually 9 to 11 thousand euro in one year.

Our type of dog needs 600 to 800 grams of high performance food per day under continuous performance. Since our huskies live in minus- temperatures for eight months,

they need food supplements.

Meat, fat and oil are added daily according to weather conditions.

But so much money is not necessary to last a season.

Minimum calculation - feed costs

Our husky type needs about

400 g dry food per day for its life support. To get through the year,

he needs 146 kg of feed.

With 19 huskies this is 2774 kg or 185 bags of dog food.

The basic bag of food costs 29 €. Minimum feed costs are about

5400 Euro.

Unfortunately, this year we cannot guarantee our most important musher rule with our own effort.

- The dogs bring us their strength - We bring them their safety -

We ask for your support


We ask for your support.

If about 5000 Euro would be collected privately, we could go into the upcoming uncertain season without giving up dogs.

More about Helags Husky

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Not only us, but the whole Swedish sled dog tourism will have a difficult year ahead.Therefore the Arctic Sleddog Foundation was founded, to help the branch specifically !